Payroll Cards

Payroll cards are quickly joining direct deposit as one of the most popular ways for employees to get their paychecks. But how do payroll cards work? How are they different than more traditional payment methods? And what do you need to know before deciding how you want to get paid? Radio America’s Faith Allen has some answers.
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The College Award Letter

After getting accepted to a college, students will soon receive a financial aid reward letter, explaining the full cost of attending that school and what kind of financial aid they qualify for. But the terminology used in the letters can be very confusing for students and parents and different schools present their information in very different ways. Radio America’s Julie Mitchell explains what you need to know and what questions you need to ask.
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Leasing vs. Buying A New Car

You’re tired of that old clunker and are ready to get a new car. But should you buy it or lease it? What is important to know before committing to pay for the whole thing or putting down less money to lease a vehicle for a just few years? Radio America’s Montie Montgomery reports.
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How Parents and Teens Should Talk About Money

Many teenagers become adults without ever learning how to handle money responsibly. That’s because their parents don’t teach them how to do it. So why don’t parents and students talk about money as often as they should and what are the most important things to learn? Radio America’s Krista Oliver offers tips to help parents and students keep spending under control.
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Protecting Yourself from Phone Scams

Americans of all ages are losing a lot of money through phone scams, and the problem is getting much worse. What are the telltale signs of this fraud? What should you do if suspect a scam? And what can be done to stop these criminal calls altogether? Radio America’s Montie Montgomery investigates.
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Teen Employment

Fewer American teenagers are getting jobs. In fact, the number has been dropping for decades. Radio America’s Delaney Hertel explores the economic reasons behind this trend, what opportunities teenagers are pursuing instead, and what skills young people will have to develop later because they don’t work during high school.
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Interest Rates

Many young people are falling deep into debt because they can’t pay off their credit cards or have a hard time affording a new car or house. And if interest rates are high, getting out of debt can be very difficult. Radio America’s Jenny Goldsberry explain what interest rates are, how they change, and how to use them to your advantage.
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Trade Wars

We hear a lot about tariffs and trade policy as the U.S. seeks a more favorable economic relationship with countries like China, Canada, and Mexico. Whether you follow these issues or not, these decisions directly impact you and how much you pay for goods and services. Radio America’s Matt Fisher reports.
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