Trade Schools

We tell teenagers and even younger children that it’s important to go to college, in part because it’s an important step to starting a career that pays well. But do they have to go to college to make that happen?  More and more people are finding stable, lucrative jobs without spending the huge costs associated with college tuition. And they’re doing it through trade schools. Radio America’s Chris Bibona explains how trade schools work, what career skills you can learn there, and how much money you can make in those fields.

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When you hear about a business or an individual entering into bankruptcy, your instinct might be that the business will soon close or that the individual may be destitute. But that’s not necessarily the case. In this report, Radio America’s Chris Bibona explains what bankruptcy is, the pros and cons of going down that road, and the different options available under bankruptcy laws.

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Cyclical Investing

Many investors choose a plan that works best for them over the long run. They don’t stress over the fluctuations in the market, staying confident that their money will bring them a strong return over time. But should you take a different approach when the economy appears to be headed into a difficult stretch?  Is it smarter to take some risk and seize the moment?  Radio America’s Chris Bibona explains what cyclical investing is, how it works and what cautions to consider if you try it.

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Monetization of Online Videos

Posting content to social media might be a hobby to some, but for millions of people it’s also a way to make money. Some content creators are making a lot of money! But how do they get started? What do you need to know about your audience and the various social media platforms before you try to make this a source of income? And what are some mistakes to avoid?  Radio America’s Lucas Collazo reports.

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Understanding Inflation

We’re experiencing the worst inflation in more than 40 years. But why? What factors are at work in making the cost of almost everything significantly higher than just a year ago?  Radio America’s Claire Alfree walks us through the causes of inflation, examines how inflation impacted our economy at other times in American history, and whether we will soon be dealing with other economic problems like stagflation or a bad recession.

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Opt In and Out

We are constantly inundated by texts and emails from stores, organizations, and even political campaigns. And we never agreed to receive anything from most of them. Rather than asking customers or followers to “opt-in” to receive messages and other content, they instead flood your inbox until you “opt-out” and tell them to stop. How did the opt-out approach become so common and what are the privacy considerations for you in deciding whether to opt-in or opt-out? Radio America’s Claire Alfree reports.

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Banking Deserts

The internet has revolutionized many areas of our lives. That includes banking. Rather than having to stand in line at a bank branch, most transactions can be taken care of with a couple of taps on your smartphone. As a result, banks are closing more and more branches, leading to the rise of banking deserts. But for business owners and people living in rural areas, that creates a lot of problems. Radio America’s Claire Alfree takes us through the rise of banking deserts, why physical banking locations are still very important, and what options people have if they don’t live near a bank.

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The Impact of Inflation

For months now, we’ve all been dealing with the problem of inflation. Prices are going up on everything from gas to groceries to cars. But what is inflation and how exactly is it measured? Which Americans are hit the hardest by it and how long might it last?  Radio America’s Calvin McNellie digs into all of those questions.

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