Cryptocurrency is an increasingly popular investment, especially among young adults, and some even prefer it to traditional forms of currency like the dollar.  But what is cryptocurrency and how does it work?  Radio America’s Elaine Mallon examines the advantages and risks of cryptocurrency and tells us why one of the biggest arguments against it is no longer true.

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Investing 101

Having a big salary is nice but the best way to prepare for a comfortable retirement is by investing your money.  But how do you invest and what should you invest in?  Radio America’s Carter McNish looks at several popular investment options, how much of your income should be set aside for investing, and why starting early is really important for young adults.

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Investment Advisors

The best way to build wealth and prepare for retirement is through investing, but there are many different ways to invest your money.  Can beginning investors handle these decisions on their own or should they get some help from an expert?  Radio America’s Carter McNish explains which investment strategies might require assistance from an investment advisor, which ones you should be able to handle on your own, and which investment apps make the process a lot easier.

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The New Style of Working

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people suddenly started working from home.  After more than a year of this change, many Americans do not want to go back to the office full-time.  What are the best reasons for employers to allow telework to continue long after the pandemic is over and what are the drawbacks?  And how has all of this impacted productivity?  Radio America’s Reagan Gensiejewski reports.

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The Role of Taxes in America’s Economy

We all pay taxes and none of us enjoy it.  We pay taxes on income, our property, the things we buy and much more.  But how does the income tax system actually work and how does the government spend our tax dollars?  Radio America’s Charlotte McKinley digs into these questions and explores how higher taxes impact business productivity, whether there is a “right” level of taxation, and what is meant by terms like “trickle-down” economics and “crowding out.”

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Supply And Demand Shocks

Usually we don’t need to think about whether what we want to buy at the store will be in stock, but the COVID-19 pandemic proved that a major jolt in our economy can make it hard to find some of the things we need.  Think about how hard it was to get toilet paper for a few weeks!  These major disruptions are often the result of supply or demand shocks.  In this report, Radio America’s Reagan Gensiejewski explains how these shocks happen, how they impact the availability and price of the products we buy, and different steps the government takes to try to fix the problems.

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Cashless Society

When was the last time you bought something with cash?  Most of the time we use credit or debit cards or pay with an app.  As more and more people stop using bills and coins, is it possible we could one day live in a cashless society?  Radio America’s Paige Taylor explains why going cashless is increasingly popular, why others believe it is vital to keep traditional currency in circulation, and how we will pay for things in the years to come.

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Paying With Apps

For years, we’ve been able to pay for things through apps like PayPal or Venmo.  But now many businesses have their own apps that you can use to pay and get discounts or other perks.  Is it a good idea for you to download and use these apps or are there privacy and other concerns that should make you look a little closer?  Radio America’s Elaine Mallon reports.

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