AI Is Impacting the Labor Force

By now, you’ve probably heard of Chat GPT. It’s likely the best known and most popular application of artificial intelligence, or AI. The more we hear about AI, the more we realize that it could revolutionize many aspects of our lives. It’s no different when it comes to jobs. Artificial intelligence is able to complete many tasks almost instantaneously that would require hours or even days for humans to finish. So how will the expected explosion of AI impact the labor force in this country and around the world? What kind of jobs will be lost and which ones will likely be created? And how soon will all of this happen? Radio America’s Anneke Gunderson finds the answers and more.

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Savings Interest Rates

One of the greatest incentives to put money into a savings account is knowing that your money will grow thanks to interest that accumulates over time. But depending on what’s happening in the economy, the interest rates on savings can vary. So how are interest rates for savings accounts calculated? What economic conditions can force them to go up and down? And how do bonds impact interest rates? Radio America’s Wallace White explores these questions and more.

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Budgeting 101

Your first job may not pay much but it gives you an excellent opportunity to learn how to budget your money. And if you are earning well at a young age, keeping close track of how much money you spend and where you spend it will help you keep costs down and leave much more for saving and investing. But how do you create a budget? What are some good tips for making it easy? And what are some modern tools for keeping a close eye on your finances? Radio America’s Claire Alfree helps to get you started on the road to fiscal health and a comfortable retirement.

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Federal Student Loan Debt

President Biden tried to forgive hundreds of billions of dollars in federal student loan debt. But the U.S. Supreme Court said such a move was unconstitutional and would require an act of Congress. But beyond the legal issues, is student debt forgiveness a good idea so that young people can get started in their professional lives without years of debt payments hanging over them? Or should these students honor the commitments they made when taking out the loans instead of leaving the tab with taxpayers who never took out loans or already paid theirs back? Radio America’s Jackson Weaver takes us into this intense debate.

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Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common. In many parts of the country, you’re likely to see a Tesla almost every time you’re out for a drive. Proponents see EV’s as a way to keep people on the move while helping the environment. But critics see vehicles that are too expensive, inconvenient, and relying on materials that are gathered in inhumane ways. Radio America’s Wallace White examines the pros and cons of whether an electric vehicle is right for you.

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The Debt Ceiling

In mid-2023, the U.S. government reportedly came close to defaulting on its debt because Congress struggled to raise the debt ceiling. Every year or two it seems we’re running up against some deadline as lawmakers disagree about how to approach our ever-growing debt. So what exactly is the debt ceiling? What happens if it is raised and what happens if it isn’t? Whose research do lawmakers and the president rely on to make these decisions and what is the impact of our debt growing higher and higher? Radio America’s Garrit Blizzard reports.

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Trade Schools

We tell teenagers and even younger children that it’s important to go to college, in part because it’s an important step to starting a career that pays well. But do they have to go to college to make that happen?  More and more people are finding stable, lucrative jobs without spending the huge costs associated with college tuition. And they’re doing it through trade schools. Radio America’s Chris Bibona explains how trade schools work, what career skills you can learn there, and how much money you can make in those fields.

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When you hear about a business or an individual entering into bankruptcy, your instinct might be that the business will soon close or that the individual may be destitute. But that’s not necessarily the case. In this report, Radio America’s Chris Bibona explains what bankruptcy is, the pros and cons of going down that road, and the different options available under bankruptcy laws.

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